C A L M by Ritter Sport

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This Saturday afternoon blog post features a few pretty pastel pink necessities, a candle intended to CALM me down (candle – you had one job – and you are failing miserably), cake pops, pink pens, brunch situations (Cru Café – Kew) and my favourite chocolate (Mr. Ritter-Sport… if you are reading this… I love you).

Pretty in Pink

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After a very long day in the office spent business planning, tarot-card reading, Wagamama dining and website developing (awfully conventional office team we are…), this evenings wind-down called for a pretty pink party featuring lolly-bag treats from Saturday night adventures (thanks Penelope, you’re a doll) and a sugar-induced headache like no other. But there is nothing women regret more than the shoes they didn’t buy or the pretty pink sweets they didn’t eat – and luckily for me – I like to live a life with no regrets…

Monochrome Me Pretty

After a ridiculously exhausting week of running all over the place from attending classes, to coffee dates to office life to endeavouring ‘not to use my home like a hotel’ [quote father] it was safe to say I needed a few effortless fashion basics to get me through all this craziness… (please note: there was no actual running involved in this week, and any reference to running is purely metaphorical and should not be taken literally).