The Importance of Being Classical

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There is something so flawlessly chic and necessary about a structured, gold-trim, black bag. So much so, that I couldn’t really imagine my life without one. I mean… where would I carry all my 456 lost bobby pins? Coins that I never use? Loyalty cards for retailers that I never frequent? But most importantly, what exactly would I hang from my right arm?! My thoughts exactly. ANYWAYS, all jokes aside – (side note, in the history of Jessica & Love, ‘all jokes’ have never been put aside) – a structured, high quality, black bag is an absolute wardrobe staple, and without one, any on-the-move female (or fabulously fashionable male) would be completely lost. Having recently discovered the effortlessly sophisticated, elegant and totally chic brand Braun Büffel at a recent event held at Collins 234 Arcade, I sort of jumped on the opportunity to collaborate with them. With a strong intention to create timeless, classical pieces, I knew straight away that the brand was so, totally, for me.

MSFW, Let’s Do This

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AND WE ARE OFF! With the opening on Melbourne Spring Fashion Week (MSFW) on 28th August, located in, non-other, than Melbourne’s iconic Lt. Bourke Street. Between the hustle and bustle of David Jones on one side contrasting the sparkly storefronts of the Emporium Melbourne on the other, the perfectly flawless fashion coming down the Melbourne-laneway-runway (only in Melbourne… am I right people?) was almost just a bonus. With Dion Lee’s pop-of emerald green gracefully moving down the runway, and White Suede showing us How To Do dressy-but-casual-but-chic, like it’s nobodies business, the show was so, totally, for me.

Keepin’ Cozy

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Current situation; all cuddled up wearing this cozy rabbit fur coat by Friends With Frank; located, in the tiniest of corners at an overpriced, under-flavoured café on campus (…yes University has once again, begun – I know, seriously – what even?) sipping non-other than my usual caffeinated liquid gold and hopelessly wishing that my under-seasoned toastie would magically turn into ‘smashed avo’ from one of these cafes…

Black Leather Shoes Love You

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GOOD EVENING Everyone! Unfortunately I have spent the better part of the last two days in bed recovering from an incredibly stubborn cold/flu/throat situation, so it was really good to get out of the house this afternoon, even just for a little stroll in the park and quick coffee, to shoot my newest pointy-black-statement-leopard shoe babes from Jo Mercer (quickly becoming my absolute favourite shoe store for winter). There are a few things in life you can never really have too many/much of – cawfee (duh); high-quality bed sheets; Hugh Grant movies; summertime sunshine; and of course, black leather shoes. 

Flower Power Juice Life

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I’m not really what you would call a ‘ health and fitness type, in fact, to be entirely honest – the last time I did any sort of physical exercise (shopping excluded), I had more pimples than you could count, long, frizzy hair and was sporting (#puns) non other than a pair of Target pink & white volleys to go with my ever-so-chic P.E class attire… There was also that stint a couple of year’s back where I worked as a retail assistant at Nike. I was totally convinced that my sharp new get-up would get me training my butt off in no time, but for some reason the old exercising-life has just never really been for me. All the sweating, the early mornings, the ridiculously overpriced gym-fees – I just cannot get around it!

A Humble Little Bundle

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GOOD AFTERNOON/EVENING everyone! Today’s pre-Christmas celebrations included a morning delivery from the freshest flower company in Melbourne – HUMBLE BUNDLE MELBOURNE (I don’t really plan to buy flowers from anyone else BUT them, ever again – simply AMAZING!!), followed by an afternoon of running errands and relaxing in preparation for Santa’s arrival. Today’s (somewhat?) seasonally confused outfit featured vintage black-[personally]-ripped-denim (also featured here) as well as an oversized white vest found floating around in my mum’s never-ending closet (aka…my closet).

Total Mix Match

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After receiving an amazingly positive response from my blog post last week of lost images that didn’t quite have a place in previous posts, I decided to totally make this a weekly Sunday-night thing. I spent majority of this week frequenting hipster-hangouts (AKA some of the best cafes in Melbourne) with my nearest and dearest babes, job-hunting for a Christmas-casual position (brunch is expensive), trying (and failing) to keep up with the ever-changing weather climate, watching my boys Sebastian-Gresham busk at Batman Markets in Coburg and working on my soon-to-be bronzed complexion.

C A L M by Ritter Sport

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This Saturday afternoon blog post features a few pretty pastel pink necessities, a candle intended to CALM me down (candle – you had one job – and you are failing miserably), cake pops, pink pens, brunch situations (Cru Café – Kew) and my favourite chocolate (Mr. Ritter-Sport… if you are reading this… I love you).

Layering vs Lawyering

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This evening’s blog post is all about layering vs lawyering – although both equally prevalent in my life, layering (of clothes that is…) is way more fun. Amid my burgundy/violet/maybe-just-red (?) hair, forever-changing outfits, and love of all things not related to studying, it is safe to say my life is somewhat of an eclectic mess. In life I have always been one step ahead of myself… In kindergarten, I was convinced I was ready for High school, in High school I knew the corporate world was calling me*, and now that I am studying… on my way to some kind of serious ‘working nine to fivejob situation, I am so ready for early retirement… I blame my stars (…I’m a Gemini).