Smoothie-Culture & Melbourne

The smoothie-culture in Melbourne is no laughing matter; students, teenagers, & lots of easily influenced women (same ones who think ‘cosmopolitan magazine is the bible’) have spent morning after morning waking up to the sound of violently blended fruit. Nothing says ‘good morning’ quite like the sound of your entire fridge contents being pulverised into a thick-fruity-juice-like-consistency.

We smoothie-fanatics are well and truly under the impression that fruit, nuts, yogurt, honey, milk – really anything – will only taste good and be of any health or benefit to our body only after it has been crushed, blended, & combined into what we like to call the ‘healthy smoothie’. Without this healthy smoothie in our life how would we keep fit? How would we get our daily intake of dairy, fruit and veg? What would one use a blender for if not simply to make a smoothie? These are all questions we smoothie-enthusiasts do not feel comfortable answering nor even acknowledging. We are simply not ready to imagine a world without smoothies.

It is likely that I am a not-so-closeted smoothie-addict; and also that I am one blended-fruit drink off proclaiming: ‘Hi, my name is Jess and I am a smoothie-addict’ to a room full of ashamed ‘smooth-aholics’… but, well, that is a conversation for another day… Meanwhile, to all my fellow smoothie-lovers here is a collection of some photos I took of my favourite morning blends.


When I was a kid I used to get so excited for my birthday, I would start the count down around 68 days prior to the event. Every day I would remind my parents that my birthday was coming up soon, so they better start preparing for it… As if there was a chance they would actually forget my birthday… and everyday they would respond saying ‘Yes, Jessica Darling, we know, we won’t forget’. Each year my birthday would be more glorious and exciting than the last, but the minute it was over I was always so sad. Is that it? I used to think. One measly day is all I get? So one cold-winters evening, as the event was fast approaching, young innocent me formulated the perfect birthday plan. I would make my special day last a whole week (Note: the week was called Jessmikkah named after the Jewish Holiday Hanukkah) and each day would have a name making it equally as important as the last (think, Jessica Eve, Boxing Jessica Day… etcetera).

Bomba, Girls & Cream

In an attempt to hold on to every last inch of freedom we can squeeze out of the holidays (disregarding the fact that Uni has actually already begun for the semester – I am currently in denial…) my girlfriend’s and I decided a good old fashion ‘girls night’ was in order. With my brightest red lipstick and highest of winter-bootie-heel present, it was time to hit the town. Disclaimer: I would just like to apologise in advance and I take no responsibility if the following photos make you crave Gelato Messina Ice-Cream, overpriced cocktails, Spanish Tapas from Bomba Downstairs or perhaps your own girl’s night out… That is all.

Enjoy .. xx*

Screen Shot 2014-07-19 at 8.29.34 am


Days where I am not running ’round town trying to find Melbourne’s best brew or the perfect smashed avo and feta on toast, I am busy cooking up a storm in the kitchen…And by ‘cooking’ what I actually mean is I can make salads, smoothies, and the occasional self-assembled sandwich… But we will attend to my cooking abilities (or lack thereof) in due course. Here is a compilation of all the pretty-foody things that come out of my kitchen when I am supposed to be studying but find myself procrasti-eating/cooking/baking instead… Enjoy *x

Screen Shot 2014-07-16 at 7.28.01 pm

Melbourne Livin’ & Lovin’

Days where I am not busy attempting to learn the importance of property law or where I am not working in an office as a paralegal pretending I am Rachel Zane (note: if you don’t understand this reference… your life has not yet begun… go and download the first season of ‘Suits’ immediately)… I like to explore the inner city suburbs of Melbourne. I put together what is almost like a photo-diary of some of the things I saw, drank and visited in Melbourne yesterday… Enjoy x 

Red Lipstick

There’s something about red lipstick…

Screen Shot 2014-07-12 at 2.26.16 pm

At the beginning of every university holiday period I always write myself a list (I have more lists than bags) of all the things I need to buy, read, visit and eat before the fun is over and my life reverts back to chunky textbooks and far too much green tea per day.

Although I was unable to complete everything on my list (**re-watching every single ‘Friends’ episode in 3 weeks was not an achievable goal) I was able to spend the time and money necessary to make some smart red lipstick purchases. Red lipstick is all too often forgotten about in the world of beauty. Girls are too busy experimenting with the vampy look or the ‘all-natural-everything’ foundation lip colour look and red lipstick just gets put in the corner… and no one puts red-lipstick in the corner (** note: I really need to stop living vicariously through 80s/90s movies). Red lipstick is more than just a pretty lipstick colour… it is a way of life.

Red lipstick gives women a sense of poise, a sense of elegance, a sense of independence, something which you can’t get from any other regular lipstick colour. So to all women everywhere, when you are about to go out into the world, make your mark, give ‘em all you got… or something along those lines… make sure your heels are high, your hair is styled, your coffee is hot, but most importantly your lips are red.

Bad Hair Day

Don’t mind my hair, I just had a fight with my straightener…

My hair and me do not get along; in fact we haven’t gotten along for years. Unfortunately I was born with the condition known as naturally curly/frizzy hair. I wake up every morning with the hope that maybe today is the day… maybe today the universe has finally realised that it made a mistake all those years ago and finally it has blessed me with the hair I so desperately deserve… I am still (ever-so-patiently) waiting for that day. I am literally one bad hair moment off investing in a wig and calling it a day.

Scandinavian Winter Wonderland

There is something very beautiful about Copenhagen in the winter… after typing this it became all the more clear to me that I hadn’t actually seen it in the Summer, but I almost don’t even feel like I need to… The following is a collection of some photos I took whilst in Copenhagen a few months ago. Irrespective of the $8 cups of coffee, almost getting killed by cyclists on a daily basis and the fact that it was undeniably the coldest climate my poor fragile body has ever been exposed to, Copenhagen truly was a winter wonderland…

Shopping with my Family

Sometimes I like to drag my whole family around with me when I am doing not-so-serious shopping (whole family being dad, mum and adult brother.) Our expeditions always start out so promising, we sit down for coffee and cake, I ramble on about the 43 new items I must buy in that day otherwise I won’t be able to leave my house ever again as I simply have nothing to wear and my family nods and laughs and pretends they are incredibly interested when really they think I am a melodramatic crazy person with far too much time on my hands.

After we have successfully filled every inch of our being with coffee and cake we begin our journey through the shopping centre. Most days the men will hang back and let the women do all the hard work, but every now and then my dad likes to play an active role in my wardrobe and feels it necessary to share his unrequested opinion. This usually involves him pulling out the most ugly dress in the store, holding it against his own torso and confidently exclaiming ‘Darling… how about this one?’ Not only do I find it completely insulting that he thinks he could even attempt to pick something out for me that I would like, he also always picks up a dress about 5 sizes too big and with patterns and colours I really would not be caught dead in. I really do love shopping with my family, in fact I love doing everything  with my family but I like it better when my dad takes more of a ‘silent partner’ role in the whole shopping experience… you know what I mean; keeps his dress-sense (or lack thereof) to himself but invests money when necessary.

12 Hours in Melbourne’s CBD

A day in the life of a Melbournian…

Whether you are a tourist travelling to Melbourne or simply bored with your current existence in Melbourne and need something to ‘spice up your life’ (credit to Spice Girls), here is how I would spend 12 hours in Melbourne’s CBD.

9.00 AM
It is impossible to begin any good adventure without a strong, hot coffee, and thus I would begin with just that. Head to Degraves Street and soak up the culture under one of the big black umbrellas, which stretch themselves over the entire street. I recommend Degraves Espresso Bar but all the cafes on this iconic street are equally fantastic….