Nostalgia Induced Evening

When the going gets tough, the tough go shopping*…

After an excruciatingly long working week of multitasking my way through life, it is so nice to take five minutes (or perhaps an entire Friday night) to relax and rejuvenate** for a very busy weekend ahead. Today as I was strutting my stuff through the city, (actually just running errands for my boss), and drinking my tall-skinny-latte like it was nobody’s business, I couldn’t help but reminisce on some of my (what feels like recent, but actually seven months ago) travelling adventures.

In Case of Fashion Emergency

When life gives you lemons, sell them & go buy pretty things*…

This morning as I was half cleaning out/half throwing more into my favourite on-the-go, monochrome-perfection clutch handbag, I decided that all my life necessities (yes, they are ALL necessities) looked so pretty lying all over my desk all clueless at how much I need them and that they really did deserve some blogger-recognition, because without these necessities… well I would be nothing…

Law Ball Love

For any normal person ‘The Weekend(!!!)’ entails long sleep ins, afternoon walks with the family dog, reading rubbish magazines and re-watching old family favourites, however as a third year law student with zero mid-week motivation, one too many part-time jobs and far more coffee-date plans than sense, it is unlikely that I will be spending any down time with the family pet* this weekend.

From Japan, With Love

One of my most precious friends, Katarina, just got back from Japan (she was only gone for two weeks but I swear it felt like ten…) and what better way to celebrate her return then to go and dine at one of the newest and most sought-after cafes in Melbourne… The Kettle Black in South Melbourne. The food wasn’t really for us, but the interior, atmosphere and overall décor definitely was (and not to mention her company is always perfect), but well, they can’t all get it right can they?

Street Art & Rose Street

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While endeavouring to complete my assignment due in a couple of days, I couldn’t help but fall into a world of inspiration from my recent Brunswick Street escapades (it is almost like the universe does not want me to complete my assignment (?) and we all know the universe is always right, right? …In which case, it is probably best I don’t bother completing my assignment, or any other assignment due this semester for that matter…). For anyone who has read this, it is quite obvious that I may or may not have spent the weekend taking artsy-insta-worthy* photos in front of cultural-street-art but well who’s judging?

Hats, Culture & Brunch

How to ‘Hats, Culture & Brunch’ like a pro –

  • Step 1: Position yourself in a cultural Melbourne setting; preferably choose a location which has lots of street-art/graffiti – this helps get you in the mood for your super cultural, super indy/arty adventure day.
  • Step 2: Ensure that your ‘Fedora-situation’ is up to scratch – I suggest going with a dark purple/maroon/grey/beige colour; this adds a ‘lil-something’ without distracting from the already-fabulous, flawless outfit.
  • Step 3: Choose a suitable Brunch spot (preferably in the vicinity of the cultural Melbourne setting), where whipping our your DSLR camera will appear somewhat normal and any judgment from innocent bystanders will be minimal
  • Step 4: Pick a friend who wholeheartedly supports and even encourages your love of hats, culture & brunch (perhaps this friend shares common interests and/or just really, really loves you…). Drag your chosen buddy around with you and make them take photos of you in as many locations and positions as possible (variety and versatility is key!)

Monochrome Me Pretty

After a ridiculously exhausting week of running all over the place from attending classes, to coffee dates to office life to endeavouring ‘not to use my home like a hotel’ [quote father] it was safe to say I needed a few effortless fashion basics to get me through all this craziness… (please note: there was no actual running involved in this week, and any reference to running is purely metaphorical and should not be taken literally).

Serendipity + Robb&Lulu

Yesterday as I was gallivanting around Melbourne’s CBD attempting to find solace in my morning coffee (at Manchester Press* in Rankins Lane) and trying to make-up fake ‘errands to run’ so I didn’t have to return home prematurely and learn about ‘how to be an ethical lawyer’ (I am taking a legal practice and ethics** unit this semester at Uni) I found myself stumbling upon what has got to be the most amazing boutique in the CBD.

Brunch & Flowers Just Because

A few quick snaps from this weekend in Melbourne featuring Porgie & Mr. Jones’ catch-up brunch with my absolute nearest and dearest, pretty flowers I saw in the city whilst ‘running errands’ @ work but actually just drinking coffee & taking photos & a few things currently lying around in my room pre Sunday-arvo-cleanup (also known as procrasti-cleaning; where cleaning is > than learning)…

Ciao x