Where To Go For All Your Wardrobe Basics

Having [not-so-quietly] been obsessed with GRANA for some time now, I really cannot rave about their high-quality/crazy-reasonable-prices enough. Whether it is linen, cotton, silk or cashmere I am after, I continuously tend to look no further than GRANAWith high quality basics, such as tees and easy to layer tops, taking up a huge chunk of my wardrobe, I really do like to have heaps of options, colours and styles ready to go and GRANA makes this super easy. For most of my outfits, I always start with a base, usually being some comfortable denim, with a raw hem and cut that suits my mood of the day. I then add a basic top, whether this be a tee, silk cami or shirt, more often than not it is GRANA. From here I build up the outfit, adding accessories and jewellery that suits my vibe for the day or works for the activities and things I’ll be doing that day.  Continue reading

Transeasonal Wardrobe Must-Haves


Having only recently properly acquainted myself with the Melbourne based label ELKA COLLECTIVE, I’ve been really getting right around their AW17 collection this season. With a super relaxed, somewhat feminine and ridiculously wearable aesthetic to all their items, their collection has managed to form quite a base for my Autumn wardrobe. I have found their clothes to be super transeasonal-friendly, with items that can easily be worn on hotter or cooler days, depending how you choose to style them.  Continue reading

To Know: GlamCorner

With a personal style I would describe as ‘kind-of casual, definitely not fancy’, I, perhaps not surprisingly, don’t often find myself wearing a ‘fancier’ type of dress. Ya know the kind of fancy dress one wears with a pair of stilettos, pretty dangling earrings and a fresh spray tan… You see it’s not that I don’t like this style of dressing, it is more so that whenever there is an event that may warrant this type of look, I somewhat conveniently always air on the side of casual and somehow still end up draped in oversized cardigans and denim… I guess we all have our thing. But truth be known, the main and most likely key reason I usually always rock up way to casual to, well everything – is that I really just don’t own those fancier kind-of-clothes. That and well, I guess I do feel more comfortable dressing casual, but ya know sometimes it is nice to feel fancy once in a while too. So I think I may have found the solution for myself and hopefully anyone else who is in a similar fashunn situation… Here we go, are you ready for it? Brace yourself… Okay so the answer is – GLAMCORNERYep, there you have it. A RENT, WEAR, RETURN designer dress hiring service with over 2000 + dresses on offer to RENT. So pretty much you don’t actually need to ever OWN any of the fancy clothes to feel fancy, you can just rent them for the night or the week or whatever you need really. It is seriously that easy! Continue reading

Visit to Charles Rose Jewellers

Over the weekend I had the absolute pleasure of popping into CHARLES ROSE jewellers to try on some of their absolutely exquisite diamonds. As Australia’s leading fine jewellery designer, the bespoke jeweller offers a huge selection of high quality products, ranging from engagement rings to stunning fashion pieces. With a beautiful shop front, located in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD, I couldn’t help but photograph some of my favourite items from their store. As always, I favoured the finer jewellery pieces, and I couldn’t go past their beautiful rose gold collection. With flawless service and an absolutely stunning selection of diamonds, this is definitely a place you will want to bookmark, or better yet – swing past when you are next in the area.  Continue reading


Having very recently completed my double degree in Commerce and Law, I am in a bit of a ‘treat yo self’ mood, so I purchased this GUCCI wallet yesterday and am already so in love. Apart from quite possibly being the coolest shade of red ever, it is super practical and fits all my [totally unnecessary] bits and pieces usually found stuffed at the bottom of my bag (aka 7 expired public transport cards, a few gift cards with $1 left on them and baby photos that are probably better suited to a photo album rather than my handbag… told you, unnecessary). But ANYWHO, do you love? Let me know below what you think! 
Continue reading

BTS: Uniqlo Campaign

I recently shot a knit wear campaign for UNIQLO with the amazing Liz Sunshine from Street Smith. We have collectively been sharing content all over the internet and even in store (head in if you’d like to check it out), but probably my favourite piece of content from the day is this amazing behind the scenes video from the campaign. The video perfectly represents how well Liz and I work together on creative projects and also shows off some of the super cool product we were playing around with on the day. Liz and I wanted to style outfits that were representative of my personal style; playing around with layers and different textures whilst still ensuring the looks felt super effortless and natural. Continue reading

Lady In Fire-Engine-Red

If this is the first you are hearing about the ‘colour of the season‘ being fire-engine-red/mulberry/burgundy, then you’ve probably been living under a very-unfashionable-rock… That or I guess maybe you did not attend VAMFF earlier this month. Either way, these colours are seriously everything and indeed everywhere right now. Fire engine red is, as far as I am concerned, always in fashion. It may have its moments some seasons more than others, but the colour is a true staple and style classic. All the colour tones and varieties surrounding bright red however are super A/W ’17 and definitely the main colour palette heading down the runway this season.  Continue reading

Postcards From Fiji

So this post was definitely meant to go live 3 weeks ago, but with the craziness that was VAMFF, an annoyingly persistent tummy parasite and a variety of campaigns I have been working on since my return (more on this soon), it just didn’t happen. And well, I think I am going to blame life too. You know, all the silly little errands that come up which must be done, like, right now – plus a few totally necessary fun things in between, like coffee dates, vino filled nights and long morning walks. But alas, here we go –  Continue reading