To Know: Marks & Spencer

I’ve been a huge fan of Marks & Spencer for quite some time now. From their amazing selection of, well – everything, to their designer collaborations (I particularly loved their collaboration with Alexa Chung), it’s hard to go past this well-known London favourite. Something I have particularly always loved from Marks & Spencer is their home ware and lounge ware selection. Apart from owning more Marks & Spencer Pyjamas than I’d like to admit, they also offer a casual range, which is perhaps slightly more socially acceptable than spending the day lounging in your Pjs. Continue reading

Brand to Know: DI-LIA

With winter well underway I wanted to share with you a Melbourne-based brand I absolutely love. DI-LIA offers a stunning selection of unique and carefully tailored pieces for any woman. With a desire to create high quality, classic and lasting pieces, DI-LIA is the kind of brand you go to when you want to buy a ‘forever’ piece. The kind of item you would wear again and again, year after year. With an amazing selection and mix of leather, wool and silk items, DI-LIA offers something for every season. I styled a few of my favourite items from her recent ‘Rendering Graphics’ and ‘RG2.0’ collection and actually wore a couple of her items during MBFWA. I styled both her chestnut coloured Brace Cropped Leather jacket and Brace coat in caramel below. My favourite item from her collection is the 100% wool coat. Aside from being incredibly warm, the cut and style is super chic and easy to wear – the perfect addition to any winter wardrobe. I styled the coat below with loose fit white jeans and a silk black shirt, also available from DI-LIA, but could imagine the coat looking stunning with almost any winter outfit. Continue reading

Winter Fash-un

With winter well and truly underway in Melbourne, it’s pretty important to have that extra layer of warmth when leaving the house, particularly on those icy cold mornings. Although most fashion people always say they love winter because they love winter fashion – the layering, the coats, the OTK boots etcetera etcetera – surprisingly, it has actually never really been for me. As a true summer-gal at heart, I find winter – or more specifically, winter fashion quite difficult. I don’t like having to wear a stack of layers but alternatively I despise being cold. Continue reading

[Disposable Week]

Having always loved to take photos, be in photos or even just be around when photos are happening, it was no surprise that I found myself taking photos (albeit primarily of myself) for a living, what was a surprise though is that between all the content production, collaborations, photoshoots and I guess really what should actually be referred to as ‘work’ (although it never really feels that way), I sometimes forget to take photos – just for the sake of taking photos! You know, the kind of shots you take purely for memories or just because. So with a sudden urge to get back into taking photos just because – I thought I’d bring around a disposable camera with me for a week to encourage me to take more photos just for fun! Plus, a disposable camera felt so very fitting as when I was a kid I could barely get enough of them. I would quite literally bring a disposable camera to school/camp/any-somewhat-social-activity-happening-in-the-life-of-a-10-year-old and the spend the following week begging my mum to go get it developed ASAP. Ironically, a lot of the photos I took were of myself all dressed up in different outfits I had put together using clothes from my mums wardrobe or clothes that I had made – but that is a story for another day. So anyways, here you have it – my week from the eyes of a disposable camera. The quality is kind of questionable, compared to the usual DSLR and I chose not to edit or process any of the photos, which again I thought was a nice change from my more curated content. Continue reading

Weekend Looks

I recently styled a couple of weekend outfits, featuring items available from GLUE STORE. I have been a huge fan of GLUE STORE for as long as I can remember, they are sort of just my go-to for all things denim and cool. With a wide variety of brands in varying price ranges, they really do have something for every occasion and everyone. I played around with an all-black, polka-dot look for my first outfit and added some double strap black heels for a point of difference (and to mix-up always wearing boots/sneakers). With my second outfit, I couldn’t go past these mid-blue denim LEVIS, slightly dressed up with a lace khaki camisole.

polka dot top  / black jeans  / lace camisole  / levis denim 

Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 6.03.33 pm
Continue reading

How To Keep Warm In Melbourne

As the weather begins to [far-too-quickly] drop in Melbourne, I wanted to share with you a piece from UNIQLO that I have been wearing to help keep warm. Apart from being a super chic fashion item available in literally every single colour imaginable, the Ultra Light Down Jacket is water repellant and surprisingly really warm. I say surprisingly as it actually doesn’t feel overly thick! Also, as an aside, it comes with a little compact pouch that you can squeeze the entire jacket into! So it is super easy to transport in your handbag – so clever! Anyways, to say that I am a fan would probably be an understatement – I had a wedding in the Yarra Valley this weekend and barely took this jacket off! Continue reading

Ambra Active

Aside from a weekly power-walk (probably more of a stroll) spent sipping skinny-iced-lattes and chatting with my friends, I can’t say I am the most active gal going around, but ironically something I do really love is activewear. I find it is super comfortable, usually stretchy and super easy to integrate into my usual daily outfits. A brand which I have be fond of for quite some time now is AMBRA and the fact that they also offer an amazing selection of activewear items outside their well-known range of hosiery and underwear is so great! I wanted to show you how I style some of their activewear pieces into my every day looks. I think my absolute favourite part of their activewear range is their light-weight knits. The grey jumper and cardigan knit are so incredibly soft and comfortable, I have barely taken them off since I received them.  Continue reading

Where To Go For All Your Wardrobe Basics

Having [not-so-quietly] been obsessed with GRANA for some time now, I really cannot rave about their high-quality/crazy-reasonable-prices enough. Whether it is linen, cotton, silk or cashmere I am after, I continuously tend to look no further than GRANAWith high quality basics, such as tees and easy to layer tops, taking up a huge chunk of my wardrobe, I really do like to have heaps of options, colours and styles ready to go and GRANA makes this super easy. For most of my outfits, I always start with a base, usually being some comfortable denim, with a raw hem and cut that suits my mood of the day. I then add a basic top, whether this be a tee, silk cami or shirt, more often than not it is GRANA. From here I build up the outfit, adding accessories and jewellery that suits my vibe for the day or works for the activities and things I’ll be doing that day.  Continue reading