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Originallycreated as a medium for my wandering mind and daily life battles, this humble digital space has since transformed into a place where women (and ridiculously fabulous men) can go when they have a wardrobe filled with clothes, but simply nothing to wear, where inspiration is born, style is created, where photogenic-food is not only admired, but encouraged; and finally a place to go when life gives you lemons (but there is simply no tequila and salt near by…)

As a full-time Commerce/Law student, part-time paralegal/intern and all-the-time coffee connoisseur, this creative space is home to everything that I love (…in case the title was somewhat misleading). AND so, in true Jessica & Love fashion, set up camp (tent and all) at the most scenic window spot at your nearest café, order yourself a strong, extra hot, skinny latte and let me inspire you, or at the very least, let me make you laugh – as, well – if not to laugh, what is the point of life?

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