BTS: Uniqlo Campaign

I recently shot a knit wear campaign for UNIQLO with the amazing Liz Sunshine from Street Smith. We have collectively been sharing content all over the internet and even in store (head in if you’d like to check it out), but probably my favourite piece of content from the day is this amazing behind the scenes video from the campaign. The video perfectly represents how well Liz and I work together on creative projects and also shows off some of the super cool product we were playing around with on the day. Liz and I wanted to style outfits that were representative of my personal style; playing around with layers and different textures whilst still ensuring the looks felt super effortless and natural.

Anyways, I would LOVE to hear what you all thought of the video above! If you’d like to check out more content from the campaign, head over to UNIQLO’s Website/Instagram or head in store NOW.  

4 thoughts on “BTS: Uniqlo Campaign

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