Set Up For Summer



With summer [somewhat] underway (give or take Melbourne’s hot then cold then hot again weather), UNIQLO has everything, and really, I do mean everything, your fashionable heart could possibly desire to see you through all the seasons and/or events of the day. Having always favoured an outfit that doesn’t restrict me to only one event/meeting of the day, I’ve always loved the versatility and comfort of UNIQLO’s basics. Not only does UNIQLO offer a wide variety of ridiculously chic, on trend pieces but their high quality material and crazy affordable price tag continue to excite me season after season. I particularly love this high neck sleeveless top from UNIQLO, as I feel like it is the kind of top that could almost be worn with anything, for anything. From oversized mum jeans, to a mini skirt and loafers – it really is my kind of basic.

So are you set up for summer? If not – fear not! Just check out their new season collection HERE or in store!

Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 6.03.33 pm


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