Weekend Dining

JESSALIZZI 7_collage

From suburbia strolling to outfit-of-the-day shooting, this weekend was all kinds of good times. My babe-of-a-best friend/fellow-culinary-adventurist Katarina and I headed down to Mr. Miyagi in Chapel st, Windsor for a night of Japanese-fusion dining and white chocolate cold drip espresso Martini sipping [best in town just FYI]. With a line out the door and around the corner, literally (and I actually mean literally), 7 nights a week, this place really is da best for all things modern, delicious and cheeky, as #MrMSays.

We couldn’t help but try a bit of everything, but our favourites were the Nori Taco and chocolate & salted caramel dessert (pictured below). We also sort of collectively decided on the evening that we don’t really intend to dine anywhere else for the next few months, as this place really does just have it all… and as a couple of fussy, high maintenance white girls this really is saying somethin’. 

I opted for my usual simple-do with an oversized Assembly the Label jumper, not-so-skinny old school Levis and a Karen Millen cross-body bag.


Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 6.03.33 pm



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