Dishevelled Denim Habit

jessicaalizzi collageGOOD EVENING everyone! I’m just swinging by tonight to share with you a few snaps I shot in collaboration with lux-online-shopping haven, Fashion Bunker.

With all sorts of Summer daze/days in full swing, it’s hard to go past a pair of ridiculously ripped denim cut-offs, an oversized men’s tee’s & a cheeky little light grey cardigan for when the sun goes down and the wine comes out.

I paired the look back with my chunky MSGM biker booties, black accessories, gold jewels, and a blush neck ribbon for consistency. Although usually somewhat impartial to a denim cut-off, this summer their practicality seems to be outweighing my sartorial habits… That, or I just really love these ones from The Fifth Label. Either way, their ability to be dressed up, down and around is doing all sorts of things for my fashion-obsessed-self, so much so, I don’t really see this dishevelled-denim habit disappearing anytime soon.

Perhaps ask me again in the middle of Melbourne winter.


Screen Shot 2014-12-14 at 9.33.16 pm

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