Loco Coco et al

jessicaalizzi 1

Just popping by real quick (read: The Bachelorette starts in T-minus 30 minutes…a girl’s gotta-get-ready) to let you know that –

A. I have completed 2/3 of my examinations for this trimester and am officially burnt out – so today I ditched study and instead when coco/dress shopping – this was far more successful and indeed very productive;

B. here is a list of a few fashion/lifestyle things I can’t get enough of this week; (note to self: there have been far too many semicolons and dashes in this post so far… work on reducing this for future posts… or don’t – either way)

– COCONUTS – it is officially coco-season and I’ve gone totally loco for coco. Kidding is there even such thing as coconut season? I’ve been drinking these babies all year. Either way, it’s so much more fun in the sun

– WHITE&BLACK – White lace/white silk/ white anything with incredibly lacy/sexy black bras underneath – today, this week and always

– RIBBON – tying thin strips of black/burgundy ribbon around my neck and when asked if it is ribbon, responding with ‘no it is a necklace, I just bought it – super chic, I know’

– TEXTURED SHOES like these ridiculously funky faux fur ones below!

– GOLD DETAILS – I like this always, not just this week


Screen Shot 2014-12-14 at 9.33.16 pm

jessicaalizzi 7jessicaalizzi 6jessicaalizzi 9

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