Professional Onion-er

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With spring apparently here (current weather situation: raining), it’s apparently time to shed them thick, chunky layers and opt for lighter, thinner layers. As a self-confessed, professional onion-er (onioner/onioning: ability to successfully layer several items of clothing in a fashionable, on-trend way. In a sentence: ‘Wow, fantastic onioning’), I couldn’t wait to play around with Decjuba’s new spring collection! With lots of oversized tees, distressed denim and different shades of grey making a statement in store and online, I knew there would be plenty of opportunities to let my onion abilities shine.

If you are thinking of giving this cheeky little spring trend a whirl, using Decjuba’s recent collection, here are a few tips and tricks I would recommend:

  • When onioning it is best to stick to monochromatic tones and denim and stay clear from colours. This will allow your ability to style an outfit shine through and avoid your outfit from looking messy. Totally not chic.
  • Definitely opt for a double or even triple denim look – denim is super easy to layer and always looks super cool. For more tips on HOW TO denim – see almost any outfit photo on my INSTAGRAM
  • Make sure all the layers are different lengths, to avoid looking bulky.
  • Put the longest layers underneath and the shortest layers on top (as seen below, sleeveless vest underneath and cropped denim over the top)
  • Add an oversized chunky bag for a more casual feel and other accessories, like a hat, scarf or jewellery to pull the look together
  • Don’t be afraid to EXPERIMENT! Onioning takes time and doesn’t always come naturally.

LASTLY – I’d love to see how you are styling Decjuba’s new spring collection! If you post a photo on Instagram TAG ME, so I can see it (@JESSALIZZI).

Screen Shot 2014-12-14 at 9.33.16 pm

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7 thoughts on “Professional Onion-er

  1. I absolutely love this styled outfit post. Layering and being an onion-er is so beneficial during the change of seasons. I can easily apply this to times when the weather will begin to get cold. You had some great tips on layering in this post. Definitely made me take another look at my technique!



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