Keepin’ Cozy

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Current situation; all cuddled up wearing this cozy rabbit fur coat by Friends With Frank; located, in the tiniest of corners at an overpriced, under-flavoured café on campus (…yes University has once again, begun – I know, seriously – what even?) sipping non-other than my usual caffeinated liquid gold and hopelessly wishing that my under-seasoned toastie would magically turn into ‘smashed avo’ from one of these cafes…

As someone who loves to mix the old with the new, the investment with the inexpensive and the bold with the simplistic, this Friends With Frank piece was exactly what was missing from my overflowing wardrobe floordrobe. With [literal] mom jeans, a reasonably priced merino wool turtleneck, Chuck Taylors, messy-bed-hair and a statement lip; a beautifully cozy coat reminding me that winter isn’t all bad was an absolute necessity. Although the Antarctic-like weather conditions, currently happening down-under, really are not even slightly for me (Melbourne –fix yourself), wearing jackets softer than blankets, indulging in alarming amounts of hot chocolate, and owning more knitted scarves than sense, well, I guess it could be worse. With that said, Spring; I’m ready for you, please don’t keep me waiting.

Screen Shot 2014-12-14 at 9.33.16 pm

PS: If you’re interested in buying your own ridiculously cozy, rabbit fur coat or other fuzzy winter necessity, feel free to use the code ‘JESSICALOVE’ when checking out at Friends With Frank for 10% off (sale & non sale items!)

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