Easy Like Sunday Morning

jessicaalizzi 16


GOOD SUNDAY MORNING everyone! As I lie in bed (home of where all blog posts are created) with an iced-coffee on hand and a pile of legal textbooks ready to be highlighted, I find myself easily distracted by the simple things in life – distressed, light-weight, comfortable denim, a V-neck knit made for Sunday-morning coffee-moments and market flower-pick-ups, an oversized, pinstriped vintage blazer, to add structure to a look and of course a slight statement boot, adding texture, colour and outfit completion.

The sunset was of course, a convenient coincidence and as for my hair appearing to sit in the exact position I was really hoping it would sit? Well that is just fate.

ANYWAYS – keeping it very short & sweet this morning and I’ll let my shoes do the walking, while I do minimal talking.

I HOPE YOU ENJOY THIS POST – it is one of my favourites!

Screen Shot 2014-12-14 at 9.33.16 pm

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