Happy New Year

outfit 3


HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYBODY! Firstly, apologies for a somewhat lack of outfit updates; New Years celebrations sort of kept on going and going…well into the New Year… BUT I’M BACK! Ready for a new year of adventures, exploring, but most importantly, BLOGGING!

Due to questionable weather conditions on NY Eve, for outfit Número Tres I opted for an unintentional Sandy-from-Grease feel featuring my new black-waxed-denim jeans from A Brand, hoping to bring in the New Year in simple-yet-stylish-outfit-vibes. It totally worked. I felt very relaxed… (Unclear whether that was just the wine or the homemade cocktails… or possibly both).

ANYWAYS stay tuned for some super exciting blog posts coming soon, as well as a magical-summer-night NY day dinner party…

Screen Shot 2014-12-14 at 9.33.16 pm

close upPhoto 1 birdseyeJESSALIZZI outfit 5JESSALIZZI cocktailsoutfit 1onthesideoutfit 2hairless keyboardJESSALIZZI outfit 4

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