‘Twas The Eve of New Years Eve

JESSICAALIZZI clear outfit

GOOD EVENING everyone! In the spirit of warm summery-evenings, I spent yesterday afternoon strolling around the streets picking flowers and (attempting) to enjoy the humidity (very unfortunate for my naturally fuzzy-[somewhat-curly]-locks). I almost never embrace my natural hair, half because I believe it takes about 10 years away from my very wise age of twenty-one, but more importantly, because when al-natural, I resemble somewhat of a backup dancer from the 80’s hit Footloose… It’s not a good look for me…

ANYWAYS in a continuation from my last post, here is look Número Dos re; fantastic bargains found amid Boxing Day Sales. The entire look? $40. Yep – told you, bargain.  I hope everyone is having a wonderful Eve of New Years Eve tonight, and that tomorrow calls for many extravagant celebrations.

Screen Shot 2014-12-14 at 9.33.16 pm

PS: Apologies Look Two was a day late, last night my friends and I went and sung Karaoke, and well, lets just say… I have found my calling in life… Broadway – watch yourself… I’m-a-coming.

JESSICAALIZZI walking towardsJESSICAALIZZI flowersJESSICAALIZZI outfit 1JESSICAALIZZI walking away backJESSICAALIZZIclose up flowers and coffeeJESSICAALIZZI walking no faceJESSICAALIZZI walking away

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