Bedroom Survival Kit

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This morning’s blog post features some of my bedroom/general life necessities that I quite frankly, would be nothing without.

Between a vintage golden watch which is [almost] too small to read, golden Tiffany & Co jewels, my beloved strawbz (somewhat discussed here and here), and a few other paramount bits and bops (such as coffee, freshly picked flowers & my MacBook) that are essential for my daily survival and happiness, it is no surprise that today, is likely to be a wonderful day.

Amid a fairly adventure filled weekend of exploring the National Gallery of Victoria (I have full intentions to steal the ‘Golden Carousal’perfect for my bedroom…), eating out at Mr. Burger, Jimmy Grants & Everyday Coffee and exploring a few too many shops (and misplacing a bit too much money…), I’m looking forward to spending the week enjoying the sunshine, and pretending to care about the fact that the Melbourne Cup is on and not just about what Rebecca Judd wore…

I hope everyone is having a wonderful morning and an even better Monday!

With LOVE Toodles x

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