From the Bottom of my Bag

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It’s been an interesting afternoon over here in sunny/chilly/windy/ probably soon-to-be rainy* Melbourne. I’ve mainly been multitasking my way through life as per usual; rotating between watching online lectures and romantic old-school movies, attempting to plan an outfit for tonight’s ridiculously themed 21st (The Hunger Games: Capitol Couture), and rediscovering long lost bags, accessories and clothes that were hidden in the sea of craziness that is my bedroom.

There is nothing more rewarding than completely forgetting you owed something, only to rediscover it years later. It is like going shopping in your own wardrobe… except you don’t need to put a bra on and you and your bank account can still be friends (well, until your next unnecessarily expensive green-smoothie purchase…In 50 years – I swear, my body will thank me). Today’s discovery was a vintage-chic Balinese brown leather camera bag my mum had given me years ago. I had completely forgotten about it and chucked it at the back of my cupboard filled with a million other precious memories from last summer. Now that I actually own a camera, and thus have purpose for this little treasure, it will never see the back of my cupboard ever again.

I’ve thrown together a little collection of some of the things I found in my new bag (see what I did there) featuring an iPod (do people still use them?!), photo-booth memories, a key with zero purpose, and a business card from my mates’ band ‘Sebastian- Gresham’.

Anyways, I must run, Capitol Couture is calling me!
With LOVE – ciao x

PS. Expect a blog post featuring said camera bag soon

* Melbourne – a city, which is yet to conform or even attempt to respect the difference between the four seasons of weather.

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