Spring in Bijou

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How to make the most out of the weekend –

Step 1: Quit your job – now the weekend starts on Friday!

Step 2: Convince yourself it is summer and only wear summery-outfits, if someone suggests to you that it is not yet ‘mid-drift’ season or that you are perhaps too old for a mid-drift; it is probably time you re-evaluate your friendship with that person…

Step 3: Spend all your non-existent money dining at least 3 different well-known Melbourne cafes and/or restaurants – this weekend I dined at Meatball and Wine BarSantoni Pizza & The Hardware Société

Step 4: Attend a social occasion/event/party (Anthea Darling, those cake-pops just made your 21st!)

Step 5: Drink too much over-priced red wine (and suffer an excruciating vino-induced migraine the next day… it’s all part of the experience right?)

Step 6: Document every single one of these events via your DSLR and experience zero shame whilst doing so

Step 7: Purchase a brilliant Kimono (or five) from Bijou the Label as they have every single colour, style and combination you could possibly imagine at a ridiculously reasonable price and a kimono a day keeps the doctor away… (Or something like that…?)

Step 8: Attain zero parking and/or speeding infringements whilst doing so… just for the record, this sentence has absolutely no relevance to my weekend or (lack there of) driving skills… (oops…)

Anyways… Here are a few photos from today’s city adventures featuring my new Bijou the Label KIMONO & my favourite café in Melbourne – The Hardware Société

ENJOY! Much LOVE … ciao x x

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