90’s Baby, Denim Crazy

Amid the craziness that was my week, there is always time for shopping…

One of my subjects this semester at Uni focuses on the management of internationally recognized, high quality-low cost brands and how they have rapidly infiltrated the fashion industry over the past decade. My most recent assignment for this unit focuses on a case study regarding the brand H&M (best…subject…EVER!!) and whilst everyone else seems to be sticking to the assigned case study (??), I felt it necessary to, lets say, take matters into my own hands… You know, do a bit of my own research… and by research I really just mean spend the afternoon shopping at H&M… But, well, it was a necessary process for my learning – and my grades will thank me for it later (my bank account, however, will not).

Being a 90s baby it is practically in my blood to purchase denim items at a excessive and alarming rate, so my convenient run-in with this oversized, light-wash-denim jacket was really no exception to that rule. Although I have never really met a denim jacket I do not love… I feel like this one was far more fabulous than anything else I own and therefore it was purely a fashion necessity – an investment if you will – into my future, my wardrobe and denim-loving-addiction.

Happy Saturday!… much love..x xx

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