Nostalgia Induced Evening

When the going gets tough, the tough go shopping*…

After an excruciatingly long working week of multitasking my way through life, it is so nice to take five minutes (or perhaps an entire Friday night) to relax and rejuvenate** for a very busy weekend ahead. Today as I was strutting my stuff through the city, (actually just running errands for my boss), and drinking my tall-skinny-latte like it was nobody’s business, I couldn’t help but reminisce on some of my (what feels like recent, but actually seven months ago) travelling adventures.

Whilst away I kept a little scrapbook which I filled with train tickets, post cards, business cards and photos – some nights I wrote in it about what we had seen during the day, whilst other nights I found myself spilling more vino than words on the page, and then there were the nights where I, not only completely forgot I was keeping a scrapbook, but I forgot I was in a foreign country all together… Which is probably a relatively normal reaction post 7 vodka shots from a Serbian-Kafana but who’s judging right?

Anyways, enough about me (who am I kidding – I am a Gemini – it is always about me), here are some nostalgia-induced photographs which I took this evening.

Ciao … 

* I feel like relating well-known expressions to my uncontrollable shopping addiction is like totally my new thing… I also did this here

** Watch movies starring Carrie Bradshaw Sarah Jessica Parker & drink chai tea

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9 thoughts on “Nostalgia Induced Evening

  1. This made me nostalgic. I traveled in Europe several years ago, but unfortunately I don’t have any train tickets or scraps. The struggles of stuffing your carryon bag too full and backpacking.


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