Postcards From Fiji

So this post was definitely meant to go live 3 weeks ago, but with the craziness that was VAMFF, an annoyingly persistent tummy parasite and a variety of campaigns I have been working on since my return (more on this soon), it just didn’t happen. And well, I think I am going to blame life too. You know, all the silly little errands that come up which must be done, like, right now – plus a few totally necessary fun things in between, like coffee dates, vino filled nights and long morning walks. But alas, here we go –  Continue reading

Black Ankle Boots, Always & Forever

I have always had a real thing for black ankle boots, particularly the pointed toe, slightly heeled, 100% genuine leather kind. I tend to wear them literally all year round. Whether this is because I am just not really a sandal/thong-kind-of-gal, or rather that I actually enjoy having uncomfortably hot feet in summer – either way, you’d have a hard time finding a day of the week I’m not in boots. I think I just love what black boots do to an outfit. It doesn’t really matter what you’re wearing;  a black boot will always give the look a slightly more edgy, masculine feel, which has always been a big element of my personal style. Especially on days where I feel like wearing a more girly dress, or ruffled details – black boots will dress down the look to make it a bit cooler and more me.  Continue reading

Grana Move

GOOD EVENING EVERYONE! As a long-term lover of GRANA, this month I wanted to share with you how I am styling their amazing new GRANA MOVE collection. Although not one to usually be found at the gym, I am definitely partial to a long power walk, especially if there is an iced-latte and my best friend involved. As my exercise isn’t really what one would called ‘strenuous’, I like to make sure I’m feeling alarmingly fashionable even when working out. This is easily achieved with GRANA’s new MOVE collection. With a huge variety of cuts and colours on offer, they really do have something for everyone. I particularly love this red wine legging paired with the lighter lilac top. I also played around with a couple of different cardigan colours below to show you how versatile the colours really are! Continue reading

Uniqlo – Ines De La Fressange

GOOD EVENING EVERYONE! As a long-term lover of UNIQLO, this month I wanted to share with you my two favourite items from their amazing Ines De La Fressange collection. I couldn’t go past these ridiculously chic trouser pants – super on trend and perfect for when the weather doesn’t really know what it is doing (aka – everyday in Melbourne). I styled back the look with an oversized blush cardigan; silky singlet top and some vintage-inspired Chuck Taylors. I also fell for this super silky, chic cream bomber from the collection. Easy to chuck on, I paired the bomber back with UNIQLO denim and chunky black boots.
Continue reading

Grana Silk


GOOD EVENING EVERYONE! As a long-term lover of GRANA this month I wanted to share with you my favourite two items from their amazing 100% silk range. I couldn’t go past this ridiculously chic, monochromatic silk bomber jacket. Apart from being a super on trend piece, it is also really versatile and can be worn with so many different looks. I also totally fell in love with this silky red slip dress. I’ve been wearing it over tees, over jeans and under chunky jumpers, with sneakers, heels and ankle boots!  Continue reading

Interflora Christmas


With Christmas right around the corner, getting all my Christmas presents sorted for my closest friends and family is my number one priority. For all the lovely ladies in my life, who are far too fabulous to receive anything but an absolutely amazing gift, I always opt to give them a beautiful bunch of fresh flowers. Having always loved fresh flowers for as long as I can remember, I truly believe there is nothing more special and personalised than receiving a beautiful bouquet of florals. Aside from brightening up your day, they add a certain warmth and air of happiness to any room. This year I will be purchasing said flowers from the beautiful team at Interflora Australia. Apart from offering a wide range of stunning Christmas-inspired collections, their quality, same-day delivery and customer service is like no other. Continue reading

The Joy of Uniqlo


With Christmas fast approaching, it can be near impossible to work out what to buy each member of your family… particularly if they are all different ages/genders/have-different-fashion-preferences… With that in mind, I absolutely love the versatility and range available at UNIQLO, and particularly – their linen shirt range. Available in a million and one different colours, sizes, patterns and styles – their linen shirt range is not only incredibly reasonable but may also be the perfect Christmas present for…well, everyone!  Continue reading

Feet On The Ground


Having made it no secret that my weakness lies in shoes… or more specifically sneakers – GROUNDED FOOTWEAR may just be my new favourite store. Located in the newly refurbished Chadstone Shopping Centre, the new store is fitted with chic emerald sofas, perfect #shoe-fie lighting and a bunch of my absolute favourite brands. With brands such as SENSO, BIRKENSTOCK, LACOSTE and DOC MARTINS… just to name a few, they really do have something for everyone, and well, it was safe to say that I may just have ‘died and gone to shoe heaven’. Continue reading