HOW TO: Double Denim

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Having never really kept my love of double-denim a secret, I couldn’t help but spend my last uni-free weekend in my favourite 90s combo. This weekend I opted for an oversized denim shirt and a straight leg ripped pair of jeans, courtesy of DRICOPER DENIM. I added a fedora and Raybans to complete the look and a pair of old school (read: I bought these shoes in 2004 – yes, I still wear them frequently) Chuck Taylors for comfort. Continue reading

Review: OROGOLD Cosmetics

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Having recently been given the opportunity to collaborate with the luxurious OROGOLD COSMETICS, I could barely contain my excitement to try out my newest luxe products. With an amazing selections of cosmetics laced with 24K pure gold, all intended to pamper, nourish and nurture your skin, it was no surprise I fell head over heels for their cosmetic range within seconds of application. From the super chic gold packaging right through to how the product glides onto your skin, adding instant moisture and rejuvenation, I was so impressed by the quality and standard of the OROGOLD products, I couldn’t fault their collection if I tried! As a self-proclaimed lover-of-all-things-GOLD, I’m forever looking for new, timeless gold investment pieces to add to my collection, and well – I never guessed that one of the pieces I added would be in the form of cosmetics! Continue reading

Photo Diary: Noosa

Having only just gotten back from Noosa early this week, settling back into Melbourne-freezing-cold-life has been somewhat of a struggle and as such, I plan to live vicariously through my own images for the next – say3 to 5 months – just until my frosty fingers have regained heat* and/or the sunshine comes back in Melbourne – whatever comes first will do.
Continue reading

Slipping Into Winter


GOOD EVENING EVERYONE! With my birthday celebrations well under way late last week I was looking for the perfect slip dress to slip-into (#puns) during the cold weather. I just so happened to find two – cue the amazing Fame & Partners. As somewhat of an online shopping haven for all things silky, slippy and sexy, these luxe pieces really are perfect for every occasion. I dressed my blush silk slip down with an oversized printed tee, woolly cardigan, fishnet stockings (for a bit of a 90s throw-back/why-not-fashion-situation) and Nike sneakers. I styled my slightly dressier black slip dress with gold accents, allowing the detailed black lace to make a statement.

I’ve had all sorts of fun styling these two little wardrobe essentials for winter with OTK boots, Chuck Taylors, turtleneck jumpers and big winter coats. And although typically a dressier look, I’ve been wearing these slips with almost everything!


Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 6.03.33 pm

Ice-Cream Chronicles

First things first, I have officially FINISHED EXAMS = aka the crazy-library/law-induced-madness is over. No more sleepless nights or cramming study situations – well until next semester – but we shall cross that 73643-page-taxation-law-textbook-bridge when we get there – until then – I’ve been celebrating all sorts of little victories with late night ice-cream runs and funky outfit combos. Continue reading

Become Studio


WHAT A WEEK, from a pending TV appearance (…more on this later), to multiple law exams, meetings all around Victoria and one too many skinny-lattes-to-go, the long weekend could literally not be more necessary right now. I plan to spend it doing all the things that give me liifeeee – you know; coffee runs, vino sipping, pizza eating, ice-cream licking, flower shopping, midday strolling etcetera- and I’ll be wearing one of my favourite new Independent Melbourne designers – Become Studio. Created by an alarmingly talented young designer, the Brunswick based, unisex street wear label is impossible not to fall in love with. From the brands edgy-cool, yet minimal chic vibe to the collections crisp lines with frayed edges – Become Studio is definitely one-to-watch. Continue reading